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Credit Union Markets, Forecasts and Interest Rates

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The Economy 

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Quarterly specialized review of the industry that identifies true underlying strengths and weaknesses.      Previous Editions>

Periodic outlook of key economic, interest rate and market conditions key to Credit Union success.

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Weekly summary key economic, market, rate and price sensitivities that successful Credit Unions follow.   

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Key Economic Metrics  &  Credit Union Strategy


Monthly review of top regional and state market rates, pricing spreads and historical trend analysis.        Previous Editions>

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Gross Domestic Production
US Economic Growth

Employment Sector
US Job Growth and Unemployment

Inflation Environment
​Price Pressures and Purchasing Power

Crude and Gasoline Prices
Oil and Retail Gas Prices

Home Prices
Residential Home Values and Prices

Leading Indicators
Composite of Economic Metrics

Industrial Production
Pace of Industrial Output and Inventory

CBOE Volatility Index

Measures near-term market expectation

How Today's Economy Differs from Past 4 Environments

FOMC Statement

FRB Beige Book

Consumer Income/Spending
Average Personal Wages and Expenses

Consumer Confidence
Consumers' Outlook for the Economy

Consumer Credit
Consumers' Personal Debt Outstanding

Retail Sales
Monthly Consumers' Purchases

Vehicle Sales
Monthly Sales of US cars and light trucks

New and Existing Home Sales
Monthly Sales of Homes

2023 Cost of 12 Days of Christmas
Alternative Inflation based on Cost of Christmas

2023  America's Favorite  Halloween Candy
What is Your State's Favorite Halloween Candy?

2023 Cost of Thanksgiving
What has Inflation Done to the Average Cost for This Year's Thanksgiving Dinner?