Specialized Analytics and Reporting   

- Model Validation and Assumption Verification

- Historical Loan/Share Pricing and Rate Sensitivity Studies

- Static Loan Portfolio Analysis and Valuation

- Mortgage Servicing Rights Valuation and Risk Exposure

- Indirect Lending Program Profitability Studies

- Activity-based Costing and Product Profitability Studies​

Financial Structure and Operational Risk​

- Comprehensive Evaluation of Balance Sheet Structure

- Strategic Allocation of Core Loans and Shares

- Credit Risk Concentration and Loss Exposure Tendencies

- Liquidity and Interest Rate Risk Profiles

- Strategic Assessment of Capital-at-Risk

- Enterprise Risk Management Assessment​ 

       Board of Directors' Support    

- Interim CEO/President Services​

- Strategic Planning Facilitation and Administration

- Board Financial Literacy Training

- Examiner-vetted Policy Development and Compliance

- Customized Peer and Performance Reports


Customized Services

Trusted Insight, Effective Solutions

         Merger and Acquisition Assistance   

- Pre-merger Analysis and Valuation to Retain Expected Value

- Liaison Between Parties, pre- and post-merger

- Technical Consulting Necessary to Facilitate Transaction

- Regulatory, Lending, Rebranding and Project Management​​​​​

    Economic and Market Assessment    

- Comprehensive Evaluation of Economic Environment

- Comprehensive Market and Rate Assessment and Outlook

- Market Opportunities and Product Development Strategies

- Pricing that Achieves Financial and Operating Goals

             Investment Portfolio Management   

- Portfolio Management, Asset Selection and Trade Consultation

- Assessment of Marginal Relative Value of Options

- Investment Accounting Services through FinSer

- Customized Reporting and Analytics​