Provided strategic counsel and direction to client-partner commercial and thrift institutions. Developed effective credit, investment and funding market strategies to increase rates of return, consumer and commercial market share and overall franchise value for institutions. Activities also included mergers and acquisition transactions that resulted in substantial investor returns.


  • Significantly enhanced return on equity for client partners with above industry growth and improved net worth profiles. Each experienced stable net interest margins through four complete interest rate cycles.

  • Lowered operating costs by making improvements inefficiencies. Completed expansion into new and wider market without altering charter or field of membership. Rescued newly-engaged client-partner from "cease and desist"

  • ​Converted major corporate investment advisory into a​comprehensive financial consultation which became the  model for modern day Advisory and ALM services firms. 


  • Developed successful strategies to increase rates of return and and franchise values. 

  • Oversaw cash flow and risk management of $5 billion mortgage servicing subsidiary and servicing contracts.

  • Increased investment return and significantly reduced  the interest rate risk profile of $5 billion thrift. Thrift was then sold to one of the largest banking institutions in the nation.

  • Consolidated 15 savings and loans into a $4 billion, high earning thrift. Achieved a 30% rate of return to its private investor after sale to prominent commercial bank.
Thrifts and Savings Banks
Credit Unions

Since 1999, provided strategic counsel to client-partners and advisory credit unions ranging between $25 million and $5 billion in assets. Successfully navigated through volatile economic and interest rate cycles over the past three decades. As a result, our client/partners enjoyed above-peer market/industry financial results and enhanced market share while protecting member equity. Institutions are diversified over 25 states and reside in multiple regions of the country 

Commercial & Community Banking

Provided strategic executive management and direction for a group of thrift institutions and savings banks including turn-around strategies. During this time, was instrumental in developing modern-day interest rate risk management protocols and permissible investments currently used in credit union, commercial banking and thrift institutions. 


  • Transformed a privately-held $1 billion commercial bank into a Northeast Louisiana financial leader while increasing market share to over 60%. Assisted investors in sale of institution to bank holding company for 9-times earnings and 2.5-times capital.

  • Commercial bank went on to merge with a large bank holding company equal to 1.5-times capital and increasing return by 40%​.

  • Significant increase in rates of return, market share and stockholder equity.

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