At the forefront of this quickly evolving economic and regulatory environment, always looking to the future.

Rates of return that exceed state-peer results while retaining lower adverse risk exposure.

Superior returns are achieved by utilizing managed growth between assets and net worth.

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Trusted Insight

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Strategic Finance


Premier Strategist

Follows strategic finance in a real world sense by focusing on institution's local trends to form one comprehensive strategy.

Aggregates economic, rate, demographics and local market behavioral trends to customize a specific financial strategy.

Proud that so many repeatedly turn to us for their financial future.

Unique insight that focuses on real-life pursuits and strategies that only our unique perspective provides.

Focuses on local issues and market challenges of your institution to achieve superior returns without additional risk.

Highly-rated financial models. Reports and analysis support Board and Management need.

Exceed Your Expectations

Expert in national and local economic trends and member behavior patterns.

Expert in correlating market and member demographics into effective financial strategies.

Father of modern-day interest rate risk management protocol and methodology.


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                         May 2021 Credit Union Rate Survey

                         Q4-2020 Peer Performance Assessment

                         Economic and Market Rate Outlook​​